Archdiocese laments feminist praise for 30,000 legal abortions performed in Mexico City


The Archdiocese of Mexico City has criticized the so-called “success” celebrated by abortion supporters in the country after it was announced that 30,000 abortions have been performed in the capital since the practice was legalized.

The archdiocesan newspaper, “Desde la Fe,” published the statistics that were released by the Mexico City Institute of Women.

“These figures were presented as a triumph for the rights of women against the ‘shadowy interests’ of ‘the right and of conservatives,” the newspaper said.

“What are these people celebrating this as a triumph?” the article questioned.  “Nothing less than the annihilation of more than 30,000 human lives, with the medical, technical, legal and economic support of the Federal District’s government, where not only the Legislative Assembly, but also the head of the government and supposed defender of Human Rights have actively intervened to carry out this massacre, an embarrassment for our times.”

The newspaper also pointed out that “behind abortion there is a human tragedy that ought to concern us all.  Behind abortion there is a true human problem that we must confront as a society and seek out humanitarian solutions, and not laws that take us back to the era of the caveman and promote social irresponsibility.”

A poll carried out by the Population Council reveals that the number of people who support the legalization of abortion has almost doubled.  Six out of ten support it, while 83 percent said they thought the Mexico City law should be extended to the rest of the country.

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