Archdiocese of Mexico: “Catholics for a Free Choice” are not Catholic


In the latest edition of its weekly newspaper, the Archdiocese of Mexico rejected any connection with the organization “Catholics for a Free Choice” and clarified that the association is not part of the Catholic Church because of its support for the legalization of abortion, among other things.

The weekly paper, edited by Father Hugo Valdomero, questioned the origins of the group, as well as its purpose and its dissemination.  “It should surprise us to see a new “Catholic” group promoting the right to use or consume some type of drug and that, based on polling data, decides to legalize the use of narcotics,” the text said.

“It would be interesting to know what ‘Catholics for a Free Choice’ intends to do:  Reject Church authority? Do away with it?  There are many questions to be answered.  Who supports them?  Why ‘Catholics’ and not some other religion or sect?” questions the paper. 

The Archdiocesan paper added, “The Church respects mankind, and makes known her norms.  Man decides if he will follow them or not, it’s his choice: the path he chooses is his decision.”