Archdiocese of Mexico City: Supreme Court should revoke law on same-sex unions

Archdiocese of Mexico City: Supreme Court should revoke law on same-sex unions


The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico City, Father Hugo Valdemar, said this week the country’s Supreme Court should overrule the “perverse law” allowing homosexual unions and should protect the right of children to have a father and a mother.  Father Valdemar made his comments after the first so-called homosexual marriage took place in the Mexican capital.
The spokesman for the archdiocese said he hoped the next legislature in Mexico City would revoke the recent series of laws that “are destroying Mexican families (such as the law on abortion).” These laws, Fr. Valdemar noted, have been approved and ratified during the administration” of Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, “who, as St. Paul says, is taking pride in what ought to be embarrassing.”

Father Valdemar warned that the legalization of homosexual unions makes a “mockery of the family” and undermines “values and morality.”  He blamed passage of the law on international influence, “which offends Mexicans, who have great consideration and appreciation for the institution of the family.”

Together with the law on abortion, he said, the law on homosexuals “may be legal, but it will never moral.” 

For this reason, he warned the faithful that “those who promote, support, implement or submit to these immoral laws cannot be in good standing with the Catholic Church.”  “Doctors, nurses or judges, if they consider themselves Christians, have the duty to make use of conscientious objection in order to avoid becoming accomplices with these evil actions that will drag our society towards degradation and ruin,” the priest said.

Father Valdemar also pointed to Mayor Ebrard as the one responsible for this destruction of the family. The Mexico City mayor “does not hide his aversion for the Churches from the majority of the inhabitants he governs who profess the Christian faith and reject the perversion of their most respectful and beloved values, as is the case of the family,” the archdiocesan spokesman said.

“The authoritarianism of the mayor is obvious, as by mocking the society he governs, he has ignored the polls which clearly show that 70 percent of the people reject adoptions by same-sex couples,” Father Valdemar said.

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