Archdiocese of Mexico encourages greater commitment to rid politics of corruption

.- In an editorial on ethics in politics, the Archdiocese of Mexico encouraged Mexicans to become more involved in political life in order to rid it of corruption.

The article published by the archdiocese’s news service notes that there has been an avalanche of reports in recent days about “the recent past of some Mexican politicians—from presidents to government leaders, to collaborators and family members—implicated in acts of political and economic corruption.”

The article noted that nothing new has come out of the reports, but that what should be of concern to Mexicans is “our present and our future.”

“Where is the new political class that is part of new democratic times? Where is the participation by voters to reject at the polls once and for all those who have caused so much harm to this society with their corruption and fraud? How long will the Mexicans society continue to tolerate the hypocrisy and demagoguery of those who are exposed over and over again for their schemes and betrayals?” the archdiocese questioned.

Amidst the same stories of corruption that are at once old and new ... “Where are our ethics?” the editorial asked.

“A nation with principles and values and ideals cannot continue building its future upon the same shifting sands. We need greater requirements and commitments, and not just lamentations for the dark past. In these democratic times, we need citizens who are more committed, truthful and involved.

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