Archdiocese of Mexico reminds Mexicans to vote to defend “values of life”

.- The Archdiocese of Mexico City’s weekly newspaper “Desde la Fe,” published an important article in its latest edition, reminding Catholics to seriously reflect on their vote in the upcoming national elections and to choose candidates who are committed to defending the “values of life.”

As the July 2 elections for president, congressional representatives, and other offices approach, Father Angel Flores, who wrote the article, called on Catholics to act according to the values and principles of the Gospel. 

Catholics should consider their vote, he said, based upon the candidates’ commitment to the defense of life from conception until natural death, the preservation of traditional marriage, the promotion of justice and the public order, among other things.

The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, has also called on candidates and their supporters to maintain an atmosphere of calm as elections approach to help prevent an outbreak of social unrest.

“We perfectly understand these outbreaks,” the cardinal said, “because the people have not been heard, but this does not justify that the elections be considered unimportant or that they result in violence.  I think Mexicans will know how to behave in a way that corresponds to the greatness of our culture and the civility that we have, and that we will cast our votes peacefully. This is a pluralistic society, where each person can vote with complete freedom,” he stated.

Cardinal Rivera repeated his call to go to the polls and to resist the temptation to stay home. “We must vote and give our support to the person, the party, or the national plan that is best for us,” he said.

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