Argentine bishop offers prayers for lightning strike victims

Argentine bishop offers prayers for lightning strike victims

.- Bishop Antonio Marino of Mar de Plata in Argentina has offered prayers for those killed or injured by a recent lightning strike at a beach club in the town of Villa Gesell in the province of Buenos Aires.

The lightning strike occurred Jan. 9 during a thunderstorm, killing four people and injuring more than 20. Witnesses said the damage could have been worse had beachgoers not taken shelter from the heavy downpour.

Bishop Marino sent a message to the local pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Father Eduardo Torres, offering his prayers for those were killed or injured by the strike and for their families.

Osvaldo Garcia, the owner of the beach club, told, “We saw a fire ball and heard a huge noise.”

Several people were thrown 12-13 feet by the strike, he said, adding that one of the victims was burned to death on a four-wheeler.

A worker at the club named Mariano told local reporters that he tried to help save the wounded. “We carried them away in chairs, deck chairs, whatever we could find nearby.”

“Thank God many people had left, otherwise I don't know how many more would have been hurt,” he added.

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