Argentinean archbishop calls for promotion of women without ideological distortions


Archbishop Andres Stanovnik of Corrientes sent special greetings to the women of Argentina to mark International Women’s Day on Sunday and called for the promotion of their dignity without ideological distortions.

Speaking at the Basilica of Our Lady of Itati, the archbishop expressed gratitude to God for the creation of women and praised “all of the progress that has been made to reflect in man and woman that loving design of the Creator.”

“Nevertheless, there is still much to be done.  Machismo, which we hear so much about today, the perverse tendency to physically and morally harm women, the ideological distortions that are proposed as solutions, the lack of appreciation and the aggression that a great number of women continue to endure, have the same origin as all violence that is carried against another: a heart that is sick with pride and selfishness, estranged from God and closed to dialogue and to the encounter with another,” the archbishop stated.

Likewise, he explained, “the vocation and mission to build community originates in God who has created them.  If we lose this essential vision of unity and mutual collaboration that man and woman possess, we are left as just two isolated individuals without meaning.”

“Man and woman can more clearly recognize their own identity the more they remain close to each other, linked together and faithful, and the more they live out the essential openness to reciprocity and complementarity.  Only if they are together can they prepare themselves to be missionaries of love and of life. The encounter with the living Jesus Christ and their insertion into the Church will make them even more fulfilled and happy,” the archbishop said.

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