Argentinean archbishop warns of climate favorable to legalization of abortion

.- In his weekly program, “Keys to a Better World,” Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata warned that a climate favorable to the legalization of abortion is being created in Argentina through the promotion of so-called “therapeutic abortions” and the “morning-after pill.”

The archbishop denounced the campaigns being led by the Ministry of Health and are based on the “Kissinger Report,” the famous report that recommended dramatically reducing the population of Latin America in order to keep it under control.

He told his television audience to become “spokesmen for this truth: the morning after pill is certainly and truly abortifacient!”

Regarding a case in Mar del Plata, where a judge has authorized an underage girl who was raped by her mother’s boyfriend to receive an abortion, Archbishop Aguer noted that it was being incorrectly described as “a therapeutic abortion, because therapeutic means healing, and it’s not clear just what an abortion is going to heal.” While the judge based her ruling on a statute allowing abortion in cases of life of the mother, Archbishop Aguer pointed out that this was a case not of “physical risk or danger to the health of the mother but rather of psychiatric health.”

He went on to warn against efforts currently underway in the Argentinean Congress to broaden the exceptions for abortion to include the “health” of the mother.  “This is a path towards completely liberalizing this ‘abominable crime of abortion,’ as Vatican II called it,” he said.

Archbishop Aguer also pointed out that the Ministry of Heath’s campaign to promote the morning after pill misinforms people about so-called “emergency contraception,” as the pill’s effect of preventing implantation of a fertilized ovum in the womb is not explained or is only described in small print on the printed material that is being distributed.

He also noted that many “doctors, health care workers and scientists who do not recognize life as beginning at conception, are honest enough to admit that these pills produce a micro-abortion.”

Archbishop Aguer said the government’s policy of facilitating sterilization and now the massive distribution of the abortion pill was “devastating.”  “They want to deny the scientific evidence that affirms the existence of a new human being from the moment of conception,” he stressed.

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