Argentinean bishop supports priests’ controversial comments on drug addiction

.- An Argentinean bishop has come out in support of a priest known for his ministry to victims of drug addiction and lent credence to the priest’s controversial comments on the drug problem in his area of Argentina.  

In response to statements by a prominent priest on the sale of drugs in the Argentinean town of Caleta Olivia, Bishop Juan Carlos Romanin of Rio Gallegos said that he trusted Father Enrique Lapadula’s opinions, which are based on the priest’s continuous and painstaking work with the families of drug addicts.

Fr.  Lapadula is “a very serious and learned person,” the bishop said.  “His statements come precisely from the encounters he has with the families of drug addicts, in a region in which the situation has reached dramatic levels or is at least a cause of serious concern.”

During a recent meeting with various church leaders and anti-drug organizations, Father Lapadula suggested that much of the blame for the mishandling of the fight against drugs lies with political leaders, which led to protests and threats against Argentinean Senator Nicolas Fernandez.

Bishop Romanin said the terrible situation taking place in Caleta Olivia led the priest to say he does not want to be an accomplice or to feel guilty for the death of young people due to drugs.  The bishop also clarified that Father Lapadula’s transfer to another city had already been planned and was not in response to the controversy.

In response to Father Lapadula’s statements and the support of dozens of the faithful, Claudio Izaguirre of the Anti-Drugs Association of Argentina, stated, “Many things are coming out now and it would be great if as a society we were to become more aware of what is taking place because of this problem.”

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