Argentinean doctors say science proves only two sexes exist: male and female


In the wake of a scandal caused by school professor who dresses up as a woman, the Consortium of Catholic Doctors of Buenos Aires rejected the idea that sexuality is sentimental and not biological, noting that science demonstrates that only two sexes exist: male and female.

The group of experts issued a statement referring to the case of a school teacher in Tierra del Fuego, who “dresses up as a woman and wears makeup.”  Radical groups have backed the teacher saying, “What is important is what the person ‘feels’ and one’s sex is not biological, but rather the result of psychological and emotional impulses that attract the person to others of the same or of the opposite sex.”

“The natural, biological and scientific truth is that there are only two sexes: male and female,” the doctors countered. This has been demonstrated genetically, hormonally, anatomically and physiologically, they added. 

The doctors rejected arguments by school officials that to discipline or fire the teacher would violate anti-discrimination laws. “This is an absolutely incorrect interpretation (of the anti-discrimination laws),” they said.  “One cannot claim discrimination while violating natural rights.  The freedom and rights of one person end with the freedom and rights of others,” the doctors explained.

They acknowledged that schools should not discriminate against teachers and students, “but there are clear limits that should not be violated, such as when the psychology, emotions and current and future conduct of the students would be affected.”

“One of the most important characteristics and values that teachers must impart to their students is an appropriate image of what the human person anthropologically should be and how he should act.  This is precisely done by giving an example of living in an ethically and morally correct way,” they added.

They called the actions by the teacher in question “absolutely inadmissible” and an example of “deviant conduct.”

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