Argentinean pro-lifers condemn abortion performed in Santiago del Estero


Pro-life groups are condemning the decision to perform an abortion at the Regional Hospital of Santiago del Estero on a mentally handicapped woman who became pregnant through rape.

The prolife group Servimedia of the Fundar movement said, “The crime of rape was followed by a new crime against an unborn person, who is absolutely innocent and defenseless.  The murder of an unborn person has taken place with the consent of the Courts and with State healthcare resources.  In this case, motherhood ceased to be a place of life and became a place of the deliberate and planned death of a baby.”

Servimedia recalled that “all abortion constitutes a violation of the right to life,” and in the case of the baby of Santiago del Estero, it was “perpetrated by force of the State, in a grave offense against the national Constitution.”

“In response to these dramatic situations, we invite all of society to reconsider and firmly demand the unconditional and absolute protection of each human life, which is of unique and unrepeatable value, regardless of how that life was conceived or its state of health or social condition,” the group said.

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