Argentineans reject pro-abortion farce in Tucuman and say yes to life


The self-titled “National Meeting of Women,” which recently took place in Tucuman, Argentina, was not the exclusive domain of pro-abortion propaganda as in recent years, but this year was attended by a well-prepared group of women who spoke up in defense of life and against abortion.
In a report issued by the Christian Family Movement, analyst Eduardo Zavalia said the feminists who organized this event were shocked, as they had been accustomed to “doing and saying whatever they wanted and telling others what to say.” This year, he recounted, they were met with a group of women “firm in their values and large enough in numbers to be a majority in most of the workshops.”
“In some workshops, overcome by mere reason, abortion activists resorted to physically removing those who defended life,” the report said.
Even the usual violent and anti-Catholic march organized by abortion supporters was detoured this year in order to avoid passing in front of the cathedral where they usually harassed the faithful.
Zavalia also noted that abortion supporters failed in their bid to have Buenos Aires chosen as the site of the next gathering, as pro-lifers were able to persuade organizers to hold next year’s meeting in the city of Parana.
The final statement of this year’s meeting, which appeared to have been drafted ahead of time, was also extensively modified by pro-life attendees. 

“They had everything arranged so that only the pro-abortion conclusions would be read, as they had decided to ‘remove’ opposing conclusions.  Moreover, and unfortunately of course, many conclusions appeared to have been written beforehand,” Zavalia explained.

The Christian Family Movement said that the pro-abortion feminists also failed in their attempts to control the final statement “because the courageous women from Tucuman had photocopies. Then they tried to use the childish tactic of controlling the PA system, shutting off the mics when convenient. But this was quickly overcome.”

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