Arizona Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood for statutory rape cover-up

Arizona Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood for statutory rape cover-up

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard
Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard


Following the release of undercover videos showing Arizona Planned Parenthood clinics disregarding laws that mandate the reporting of sexual abuse, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office has reportedly opened an investigation into local branches of the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The videos, taken by the student non-profit group Live Action, showed clinic staffers talking to a student investigator they believed to be a pregnant 15-year-old girl. The student claimed to have become pregnant by her much older boyfriend. Sexual relations between a 15-year-old and an older adult is a felony under Arizona law, while state law also mandates reporting of sexual abuse.

Live Action films conducted investigations at two Phoenix clinics and a clinic in Tucson. Its footage was sent to County Attorneys in Pima and Maricopa counties and to the Arizona Attorney General.

The office of the Pima County Attorney in a letter to Live Action said that the footage from the Tucson clinic is “under review and consideration by the Attorney General.”

Previous Live Action investigations in Indiana resulted in the Indiana Attorney General opening a full investigation into the abortion provider.

A press release from Live Action claimed that Planned Parenthood of Arizona has appeared “non-responsive” and has not offered a public apology.

“We expect the Arizona Attorney General to uphold the law and prosecute Planned Parenthood for returning victimized young girls into the arms of their abusers, rather than notifying the responsible authorities as required by law,” said Live Action president Lila Rose. “When compared to all of the responsible organizations that carefully follow reporting laws, Planned Parenthood's negligent and outright subversive conduct stands out as both shameful and criminal.”

CNA contacted the Arizona Attorney General’s office for comment but did not receive a reply by press time.

In 2002, an Arizona judge found Planned Parenthood negligent for failing to report the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl by her 23-year-old foster brother. Arizona Right to Life is organizing a protest on Sunday to draw attention to the abortion provider’s alleged violation of the law.

The videos of Live Action’s investigation may be viewed at

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