Assumption of Mary anticipates our glorification, bishop affirms

Assumption of Mary anticipates our glorification, bishop affirms


Bishop Antonio Ceballos Atienza of Cadiz and Ceuta recently published a pastoral letter encouraging the faithful to live with hope, keeping in mind that the Assumption of Mary is a demonstration of God’s infinite goodness as well as an anticipation of our glorification.

Mindful of the upcoming feast of the Assumption, the bishop’s letter affirmed that just as Mary was, “we will be glorified in body and soul because … we are members of the same body of which her Son is the head. He has been glorified and made it so his mother can participate in his glory. Thus, we all live in the faith that we will one day be glorified.”

In this sense, the prelate explained, at that moment, “all of humanity and creation will be definitively redeemed from death despite “condemnation, slavery and imperfections.”

“We will be liberated from all bondage and especially from sin and death so that we can participate with the Lord and his mother in the definitive beatitude in body and soul in glory,” he continued.

Therefore, he said, “Live in hope. And in hope, we are guided to put ourselves on the path which leads us to the goal of following in the footsteps of the Lord and his mother Mary, who is our mother.” 

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