Austrian expert: Manipulation of embryonic stem cells no longer necessary


Günter Virt, an Austrian expert in moral theology, said this week that given the advances in recent years in the field of adult stem cell research, there is no reason to destroy human embryos. 

Virt said that progress in this area of research and in areas related to the reprogramming of induced adult stem cells means that the importance of embryonic stem cell research has diminished dramatically.

During a conference in Vienna, the moral theologian spoke at the inauguration of a congress on stem cell research organized by the Institute for Ethics and Law in Medicine. He told the congress “the human being is human from the beginning,” that is, from the moment of conception, and therefore the manipulation of embryos is not only medically, but also morally unnecessary. 

Throughout the meeting other experts encouraged the promotion of ethical research with adult stem cells and underscored the urgent need to protect embryos.

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