Benedict XVI makes vivid recollection of Pope John Paul II addressing the youth in Krakow


After the meeting he presided at the Sanctuary of Jasna Góra in Czestochowa, Pope Benedict left for Krakow, where he was welcomed by the Auxiliary Bishop and the mayor of the city. Later on, he appeared at the window to salute and bless the youth gathered before the Archbishops residence

He did so following the practice which arose during Pope John Paul II’s visits to Kraków. He first remembered those who gather on the second of every month to pray for John Paul II. “At the hour of my beloved Predecessor’s death, you come together here to commemorate him and to pray for his elevation to the honours of the altars," the pope began.

Pope Benedict made a vivid recollection of the words of John Paul at this same balcony in 2002, "We cannot remedy it. There is only one remedy. It is the Lord Jesus. ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ means – notwithstanding old age, notwithstanding death – youthfulness is found in God. This is my wish for you: for all the young of Kraków, of Poland, and of the world."

“This was his faith- the pope continued- his firm conviction, his witness. And today, despite death, he is among us. He invites us to reinvigorate the grace of faith, to be renewed in the Spirit.”

He concluded his speech by thanking those present and ask them to “pass on my greetings and blessing to the members of your families and to your friends. Thank you!” and gave them the blessing.