Bishop calls Catholics to assist in ‘true development’ of Mexico


As Mexico celebrates its bicentennial, Bishop Mario De Gasperin of Queretaro spoke, urging the faithful to assist the country in growing in humanity, culture and reconciliation.

“The ideals of liberty, justice and equality, which our ancestors fought for in the wars of Independence and the Revolution, still challenge us today, as the demands of today are even greater,” the bishop said.  Catholics must “take part in such a marvelous opportunity” that constitutes a time of grace for the country.

Bishop De Gasperin thanked God for “the precious gift of freedom.”  However, he warned that there is still great suffering in the country.  “We have been created by God to be free and to progress. Progress is not something mechanical or merely economical,” but rather something that encompasses each and every person.  “All true development is centered on Christ and finds in Him its full realization,” he said.

The Church desires that in Mexico there be “equality of opportunities for all.”  “We want Mexico to grow in humanity and culture through comprehensive and quality education for all,” he continued.

In severing her ties with the ruling class of Mexico, the Church also recovered her freedom, “which she still seeks to perfect as a fundamental human right. As we give thanks to God, we pray for a country and a Church that will enjoy all of its rights and freedoms,” the bishop said.

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