Bishop thankful 'The Last Summit' breaks false stereotypes about priests

Bishop thankful 'The Last Summit' breaks false stereotypes about priests


Bishop Jose Ignacio Munilla of San Sebastian, Spain praised the film, “The Last Summit,” for breaking false stereotypes about the priesthood. He expressed his appreciation for the testimony of priests like Father Pablo Dominguez, the young star of the documentary who died in a mountain climbing accident a year ago.

In his latest weekly letter titled, “Pablo’s Goal,” Bishop Munilla explained that “the film’s virtue lies in using this real and concrete story that is undoubtedly attractive and moving to put us into the debate about the image of priests in today’s society.”

“The words of the director himself at the beginning of the film are quite eloquent: ‘Today, if you crucify a priest, you are admired…but if you speak well of him, they crucify you’.”

The bishop continued, “There are reasons for talking about anti-clericalism in our present-day culture. Obviously I am referring to an unjustifiable anti-clericalism.”

“I was especially surprised by the data from one of the polls recently carried out by the Santa Maria Foundation, which revealed a growing distaste among young people for the Church. However, it showed that the image of the Church among those who have no direct contact with it was much more negative than among theo ones who have personal knowledge of what they are judging,” Bishop Munilla said.

The false stereotypes about priests that are indiscriminately spread help create the negative image, he added.

The Last Summit “dares to break myths and molds, presenting us a ‘politically incorrect’ image of the clergy, and it does so by using the fresh and attractive example of Pablo Dominguez,” the bishop continued.

He noted that the film’s debut “coincided with the closing of the Year of Priests which the Pope celebrated in Rome, accompanied by more than 15,000 Catholic clergy members from all parts of the world. It is a paradox that precisely during this Jubilee Year of Priests the grave sins committed by a few priests, mainly in past decades, have been exposed in different parts of the world.”

“I was lucky to know Pablo Dominguez, and I think it's worth it to see ‘The Last Summit’ in order to learn about his testimony of faith, humility, good humor, generosity and faithful service,” the bishop said. “Thank you, Pablo, for this ‘goal’ that you have made from Heaven! Thanks for showing us that our priests are ‘good people’ and for bringing us into the mystery of the priesthood,” he concluded.

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