Bishop calls for international intervention to stop illegal immigration

.- Bishop Antonio Dorado of Malaga, Spain, called for intervention by the United Nations or the European Union this week in order to find a “solution in accord” with human dignity to the crisis of illegal immigration that is affecting the cities of Ceuta and Melilla in the Spanish territories in northern Africa.

In a press release, Bishop Dorado said he felt compelled to “bring attention to the grave situation of immigrants who attempt to enter Spain through the borders of the Kingdom of Morocco.” 

He said it was urgent that a “commission of the United Nations or of the European Union take responsibility for these persons and find a solution in accord with their human dignity.”

“Although there are no numbers, there could be as many as two thousand immigrants who are living in this situation.  If the only solution is to return them to their countries of origin, it should be done with respect for their lives and for the rights inherent in all human beings,” the bishop added.

He noted that although the immigrants may have attempted to enter Spanish territory “without observing the requirements set out by law, the treatment they are receiving does not seem to be compatible with the principles of States that have committed themselves to human rights.”

Bishop Dorado expressed gratitude to Christians and other people of good will in Melilla, to humanitarian organizations, journalists and police officers for all they are doing to help those affected, and he asked that everyone support “urgent humanitarian measures that are in accord with human dignity.”

“As bishop of the Diocese of Malaga, to which Melilla belongs, I share my concern with all those who have raised their voice in favor of these brothers and sisters and I invite all to pray that a more just response might be found,” he said in conclusion.

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