Bishop denounces marginalization of Christian professionals in Spanish media


Bishop Ramon Echarren of the Canary Islands is denouncing the marginalization of Christian professionals in some communications media “for the fact of being Christians,” while he also expressed dismay that their influence in the media is unfortunately still insignificant.

In a pastoral letter, Bishop Echarren said that the presence of the Church in the mass media is minimal, although he recognized the presence in the media of excellent Christian professionals.  “But it must be said, however, that despite their extraordinary, sometimes heroic, commitment, their influence is insignificant.”

“And although this will bother some people, it must be said that very often these professionals are marginalized because they are Christians.  We could cite many examples and name journalists, companies and specific networks, as well as a multitude of demonstrated facts,” said the bishop.

Bishop Echarren also said, “We cannot fall into the temptation of thinking that everything is the result of hatred for religion and for the Church.  But we should also avoid the opposite temptation:  the anti-Christian ‘sectarianism’ of not a few media outlets and not a few journalists and commentators is plainly demonstrable;  it is also obvious that certain information about the Church and Christianity is presented with bias and with statements that are in fact false, hurtful, calumnious, and even made up!”

Lastly, Bishop Echarren underscored the positive value of the communications media and he called for the adoption of an attitude of healthy criticism regarding the content they offer, thus learning what to accept and what to reject.

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