Bishop denounces “radical laicism” that marginalizes Christianity

.- In a letter marking the beginning of Lent, Bishop Julian Lopez Martin of Leon has denounced efforts to change the essence of the family, society, education, culture and communication through a “radical laicism” that marginalizes Christianity.

In his letter, the bishop calls on Catholics to reflect during this season on “the grave deterioration of moral values in Spain and to intensify one’s own conversion.”

He expressed sadness over the “700 abortions” that take place in his diocese each year and over those who celebrate “the inappropriately termed ‘marriage’ between persons of the same sex as a social achievement.”
The bishop also said he was troubled that Spain might lose any ground that has been gained since the movement for consensus and reconciliation that began in 1978, as there is increasing mistrust and rejection of the Catholic faith and legislators are enacting laws that are “seriously damaging the foundation of the family and respect for human life.”
Likewise, Bishop Lopez Martin lamented the increase in failed marriages, domestic violence, assaults, attacks against personal property and the environment, and juvenile delinquency.

Together with “the concern for climate change,” the bishop called for an effort to stem the deterioration of moral and spiritual values, and he invited the faithful to live according to their religious convictions, “laying claim to the right and the freedom to give a reason for our faith and our hope, without privileges or discrimination, with transparency and without hiding.”

In conclusion, Bishop Lopez Martin stressed that Lent is “a privileged time for intensifying one’s own conversion” and a time “for breaking with the sin that abides in our hearts, of leaving behind all that which separates us from our personal happiness.”

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