Bishop in Venezuela says diocese will work for post-referendum national reconciliation


Speaking with local reporters, Bishop Mario Moronta of San Cristobal, Venezuela, said "the ministry of reconciliation falls to the Church" in Venezuela in the wake of the failed recall referendum.

"The Church, today as yesterday," he said, "should foster reconciliation between all Venezuelan men and women."  "Therefore, conscientious of the situation facing the country and of everything that has happened in the last few weeks, the pastors of the Church should above all be ministers of reconciliation:  encouraging everyone to come together, to dialogue, and to build peace in society with the values of the Kingdom of God."

Bishop Moronta offered "the service of this diocesan Church to favor, allow and bring about the coming together of all.  In different opportunities we have done so and it has born much fruit and important results.  Today we offer our commitment again to being mediators in order to achieve unity, to help bring about reconciliation and the overcoming of all that divides us."

"Today," he continued, "we again invite all national and regional leaders to come together, without impositions and fear, to find common ways to bring about the common good of all men and women in our society."  Bishop Moronta only expressed one condition: charity.

"Every effort at reconciliation," explained the bishop "requires the coming together of everyone, and the exclusion of nobody.  And it should not be one-way on the part of the government or the opposition.  This unity should take place at all levels and among all:  in order to dialogue, share, seek and unite, to strengthen social peace, which is what allows us to forge ahead with justice, truth and liberty."

The bishop's message concluded pointing out that "priests, religious and catechists must continue affirming the values of the Kingdom of God, of which life is the most central and most desired by God.  So much so that He sent Jesus to give human life greater relevance, to give it the novelty of salvation, which allows all men and women to become children of God."

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