Bishop urges Argentinean lawmakers to uphold marriage, right to life


Auxiliary Bishop Antonio Marino of La Plata reminded Argentinean lawmakers last week to protect the non-negotiable values of marriage and the right to life.

Bishop Marino, who is a member of the Argentinean bishops’ Committee on Faith and Culture, conveyed the Church’s concern to the lawmakers and reminded them that while some laws must be urgently passed, others that refer to the natural law require “greater debate.”

“Human rights are not given or granted; we are born with them,” the bishop said.  He added that the bishops’ opposition to homosexual unions is based not only on religious reasons, but also on natural law.

“Some values are non-negotiable,” he said.

For their part, the lawmakers called for greater support from the Church in order to have more discussion when the time comes for the debate of such laws.

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