Bishops urge Mexicans to cast votes responsibly


The bishops of Chihuahua urged the faithful this week to actively participate in the July 4 elections by casting their votes responsibly and freely. They also warned citizens to not be subjected to coercion or voter manipulation.

Coercion and the buying of votes “are both dishonest and objectionable tactics that constitute a grave moral fault, as they manipulate voters and violate their dignity.” The bishops added that this is especially true when voters are taken advantage of due to poverty or ignorance.

The bishops urged citizens to take into account both the proposals and the character of the candidates running for office, and called on the media to truthfully and objectively inform the public, as manipulating the news “to support or favor a particular candidate or party is immoral.”

They also noted that the Church does not identify herself with any specific political party and “offers Catholic citizens the principles and criteria that stem from the Gospel, so that they can cast their votes responsibly and with absolute freedom.”

The prelates concluded their statement exhorting voters to exercise their democratic right in accord with their consciences to chose the candidates “who can serve society best with honesty and effectiveness.”

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