Bishops denounce moral crisis as root of political problems in Brazil


The executive committee of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil has issued a statement entitled “Democracy and Ethics” affirming that the constant corruption in the country has its roots in a moral crisis.

The bishops said they were “perplexed” at the country’s current situation.  There is increasing outcry over the “violation of values that are fundamental for society,” they added.  The uncontrolled ambition for riches and power leads to corruption, while rampant impunity “discredits political activity and institutions, thus weakening democracy,” the bishops continued.  “The crisis, which is a consequence of the lack of a moral conscience, is fed by the desire for profits on the part of large corporations that take advantage of the structures of power for their own benefit.”

The poor suffer the most, the bishops said, and they called on leaders to fight corruption and impunity.  They also called for real political reform that is not limited solely to “revising the electoral system.”  What is needed is improvement of the mechanisms of a representative democracy and of voter participation,” the bishops stressed.

They encouraged believers to become involved in political life saying, “Dedicating oneself to the noble cause of the common good is worth it.  The responsible exercise of citizenship is an ethical imperative for all.”

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