Bishops encourage Colombians to vote in upcoming elections

Bishops encourage Colombians to vote in upcoming elections


The Bishops of Colombia are urging citizens to vote in the country's upcoming presidential elections.  In a letter to Catholics in the country, the prelates asked that when casting their votes, the faithful take into account both respect for the human person and the search for the common good.

As the presidential elections draw near, the bishops exhorted “our brothers and sisters in the faith and all people of good will to continue supporting the democratic process that is founded upon respect for the human person and for each and every one of his rights, on the untiring search for the common good, and on social responsibility for the poor and marginalized.”

After pointing out that the pluralism of democracy should always be oriented toward the common good, the bishops stressed that “a democracy without differences cannot exist, but everyone should maintain respect for their opponents—who are not their enemies—and in the recognition of their differences, they should seek the most appropriate path for building up the nation.”

They urged Colombians to cast their votes after a careful analysis of each candidate and their ethics, agenda, and proposals. “As we cast our votes, we must always seek in conscience the election of those who will guarantee the building up of our country in solidarity and peace.”

“The celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - the Son of God made one of us to save us - in this Easter season invites us to leave behind the old political vices and seek together the road towards authentic democracy,” the bishops concluded.

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