Abortion in Mexico

Bishops in Mexico call for conscientious objection against "appalling killing" of abortion


The archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, together with his auxiliary bishops, issued a statement on Sunday expressing their "strongest condemnation" of the "unjust" and "iniquitous" law on abortion approved last week by the Legislative Assembly of the Mexican capital.

In their statement the bishops called on health care workers to exercise their right to conscientious objection against this "abominable act" that constitutes "appalling killing." They also expressed their "profound sorrow" that the assembly would pass an "unjust law that deprives unborn children of the protection of their right to life," ignoring the massive demonstrations and serious debate against the proposal. "There is no future for a society that dares to attack its most vulnerable members," the bishops warned.

"Abortion cannot be justified by pretending to deny the human status of the embryo," they continued, noting that, "the changing of legal terms, that is, of the definition of abortion, does not make it morally licit." "All persons of upright conscience should refuse to participate in this abominable act," they said.

The bishops stressed that anyone who cooperates in the carrying out of an abortion is morally responsible for the act, and therefore "doctors, nurses, health care assistants and all those who may be involved in the carrying out of this iniquitous law should make use of their right to conscientious objection."

They also called on priests and the laity to support pregnant women and discourage them from seeking an abortion, would not only put their physical, psychological and moral health at risk, but also their spiritual and eternal health as well, causing them more pain than that which they are seeking to avoid."

Cardinal Rivera and his auxiliary bishops expressed their recognition of the "bravery of our faithful and of all those men and women of good will who have expressed themselves in various ways defending human life and its highest dignity."

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