Bishops of Brazil call for serious political reform

.- In order to mark Brazil’s Independence Day on September 7, the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil is releasing a statement calling for “radical reform of the current political system.”

The bishops point out that it is not possible “to let this moment pass without carrying out profound political reform” in response to the widespread denouncing of corruption and the growing indignation over the violation of fundamental values of Brazilian society.

In their statement, the bishops call for greater fidelity to one’s party, improvements in democratic institutions and the promotion of greater participation in democracy.

The bishops noted that “the experience of popular participation in politics—through social movements, trade unions, social ministry and political parties—signifies progress and an historical patrimony of the Brazilian people which cannot nor should not be lost because of the sinister actions of politicians who seek power and personal advantage at whatever cost.”

The statement encourages all Christians to become involved in the world of politics,” reminding them that “it is worth it to give oneself for a cause that surpasses us; politics can be a way of exercising a greater love.”

The people of Brazil have shown amazing resilience to overcome problems throughout the country’s history, the bishops noted, and thus the current political crisis could be an occasion for the country’s democratic institutions to mature, to become more committed to truth, and to strive for a more just, united and free Brazil, where “justice and peace embrace.”

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