Bishops of Monterrey express rejection of abortion in Mexico

Bishops of Monterrey express rejection of abortion in Mexico

.- Bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Monterrey in Mexico have expressed their concern and rejection of the legalization of abortion in Mexico City, which will be decided on April 24 and whose promoters are threatening to extend it to the entire country.

In a statement the bishops said they supported those who oppose the measure with “concrete actions” and they expressed their rejection of “the sophisms that seek to justify abortion, arguing that this is a matter of public health, the wellbeing of women and their right to choose regarding their own bodies, as well as arguing that it will diminish clandestine abortions.”

In affirming the right to life of every human being, the bishops noted that “there is a solid scientific basis” that proves that at a conception a new and unique human life is created.  “Abortion is never valid in any case, as a new human life is taken,” they stated.

They went to affirm “the duty of the Church, civil authorities and all of society to confront the causes that lead to the decision to abort and to give medical, psychological, spiritual and material assistance to women in crisis pregnancies, women who are victims of abuse, desperation or poverty.”

The bishops reiterated their own commitment to create and establish centers of assistance for “women who have been raped or have suffered discrimination.”

“Let us bless our mothers who have given us life and let us be thankful they have shared this beautiful gift with us,” the bishops said, “and we invite all women to not succumb to the decision to put an innocent child to death, no matter what adversities they have to face. We are in solidarity with you, women, who are courageously and firmly a sign of love for life in our society.”