Bishops of Nicaragua call on faithful to receive littlest ones with love this Lent

.- Following upon the Lenten message of Pope John Paul II, the Bishops Conference of Nicaragua is inviting the faithful to reflect on the difficult situation the country faces, reminding them that conversion also includes “welcoming the littlest ones with love.”

The bishops expressed their concern for “the painful situation of children who faint from hunger and malnutrition at school; children who wander the streets, victims of drugs and abuse.”

Likewise the bishops announced they will donate the collection from the Third Sunday of Lent to efforts to assist these children, who form “one of the weakest sectors of society.”

They also emphasize that if there is no sincere conversion to God, the human heart becomes numb to pain and suffering.  “Social numbness is the origin of grave social injustices such as war, disproportionate attachment to riches and to power, the misuse of justice as an instrument of political vengeance, hatred, segregation, etc.,” the bishops added.

In addition the bishops underscore that the country has adopted inadequate economic measures for a people already suffering in poverty and which concentrate money in the hands of a small group, adding that “there are examples of misery which ought to stir the conscience of individuals and society so that the available resources reach everyone.”

In conclusion, the bishops exhort the faithful to commit themselves to conversion to holiness and to empathize with the suffering of others through solidarity, the generous giving of alms, and material aid.”

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