Bishops of Poland recall that the life should be defended irrespective of religious creeds

.- The president of the Bishops’ Conference of Poland, Bishop Josef Michalik, has sent a letter to the leader of the Polish parliament reminding him that human life, from the moment of conception until natural death, should be defended regardless of the religious creed that one confesses.

The bishops’ letter, addressed to Marek Jurek, came as the Polish parliament begins debate on reforms to the Constitution that include adding the principle of “the defense of live from conception to natural death.”

In their letter, they stressed that the defense of life “is today a matter of reason and correct conscience, beyond the creed of each individual, inasmuch as faith strengthens respect for the natural law written on the heart of each human being.”

According to Bishop Michalik, today “not only is Europe on the verge of committing demographic suicide, the humanity of each person is placed in mortal danger each time we fail to appropriately respond to laws that authorize the killing of an innocent human being or when we try to convince ourselves that such murder is justifiable.”

Likewise, he stressed that the issue of the defense of life “is one of the fundamental ethics that go beyond politics and the interests of individual political parties.”

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