Bishops urge Mexico to conquer mediocrity and violence

Bishops urge Mexico to conquer mediocrity and violence


In light of the upcoming elections and the bicentennial celebration of Mexico’s independence, two of the country's bishops have released a statement encouraging the faithful to “build up” Mexico and leave behind mediocrity and violence.

In the text, Archbishop of Antequera, Oaxaca José Luis Chávez Botello and Auxiliary Bishop Oscar A. Campos, indicated that 2010 “is  a year of utmost importance” for Mexico due to the country's increase in poverty, violence and aggressive opposition groups that are “dividing” the country.

This situation, they noted, “urges us to bring everyone out of mediocrity and violence, and not to remain anchored where we are. The upcoming elections in July and the celebration of the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence are opportunities for reflection, to recognize our errors and to undertake consistent actions which will have a positive impact on the future of both Oaxaca and Mexico.”

“We all must become aware of the evils which harm us,” the bishops wrote.  “The current dehumanizing situations and social conflicts are symptomatic of fundamental necessities that are not being met. This requires emergency responses in order to heal and address these events. What we are living through right now is more than enough to reflect upon and to take note of the root causes which should be addressed with determination, responsibility and courage.”

By stating “it is imperative to recognize our errors” with courage, the bishops remarked that mistakes “have done great damage to our towns, to our country’s economy, and to the political, social and cultural spheres. They have also caused harm by introducing a lack of confidence, division and aggressiveness. The principle actors, up to the present moment, have not recognized their errors, nor have they asked for pardon before society. There is no future in this way of doing things.”

After noting the challenges that society faces in the task of building a better future, such as the current economic crisis and the low quality of education which is empty of fundamental values, the bishops encouraged that those running for office – and all in leadership roles – to put these grave situations at the center of their attention.

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