Bolivian bishop reaffirms right of parents over their children’s education

.- Auxiliary Bishop Luis Saenz of Cochabamba recalled this week that the education of young people “must have freedom” and that parents are the best ones to decide what kind of formation their children will receive.

“Schools and education must have freedom.  Parents are the only ones who should decide what kind of education to give their children, not the State.  Freedom is the most important thing for the people.  Our consciences must be respected,” the bishop said.

Bishop Saenz emphasized that Bolivia is a country of one people devoted to the one true God and his Blessed Mother.  Mary, under her different titles, wants all Bolivians to be united, he added.
He also called for prayers that “God will illumine the darkness in order to extinguish lies and deceit…because they want to silence us.  God’s message is free.  God gives us the strength to guide our people,” he stated.

“The Catholic Church shall not be enslaved.  She is not a slave to the government because she is not a political party.  Fear not, Bolivia, because the Church is born of God,” he said.