Bolivian bishops calls on candidates to campaign with civility

.- Auxiliary Bishop Estanislao Dowslaszewicz of Santa Cruz, Bolivia is urging candidates of the upcoming presidential elections to carry out their campaigns “in a climate of serenity and tolerance” founded upon respect, peace, kindness and conciliation. “Let us live the Gospel,” he said.
During his homily on Sunday about Jesus’ words that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, the bishop noted that “politicians will be first if in the campaign all have the same chance to freely speak about doable proposals and to visit every corner of the country.”
Bishop Dowslaszewicz said politicians must be “merciful, sincere and do good, and thus the useless arms that surround us, the violence,  the corruption, can be exchanged for bread so that everyone has enough, especially, as we have seen this past week, our handicapped brothers and sisters. Let us live the Gospel every day,” he said.
“Jesus shows us another way, that of the Gospel, which He himself traveled, He being God and the first in creation made himself last and a servant. May Jesus, who we hear in the Word [of God] and receive in the Eucharist, help us to understand that truth: he who wishes to be first, let him be last and the servant of all,” the bishop said.

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