Bolivian bishops deplore attack on cardinal’s residence

Bolivian bishops deplore attack on cardinal’s residence

.- In a statement issued April 15, the Bishops’ Conference of Bolivia lamented “the criminal attack this morning on the residence of Cardinal Julio Terrazas in the city of Santa Cruz,” which destroyed part of the entrance but fortunately did not injure anyone.
The incident “reflects an attitude of intolerance and of recourse to violence that attacks the principles of democratic peaceful coexistence in our country.  Violence as an action is never an acceptable means, it never brings any solution to human relationships and it is rejected by God.”
The bishops therefore called on officials to redouble their efforts to apprehend those responsible for the incident and to uncover the motives “that led them to commit this crime.”
“An attack on the residence of the cardinal is also an affront against the cardinal himself, his dignity and his leadership as head of the Catholic Church in Bolivia, and therefore, against the Catholic Church herself.  For this reason, the bishops’ conference expresses its closeness and solidarity with Cardinal Julio and his close associates and assures them of their prayers.”
The bishops also reiterated that “the Catholic Church will continue fulfilling its prophetic work of evangelization, rejecting all forms of violence and contributing human and Christian principles and values that strengthen the rule of law and peaceful coexistence between Bolivians.”

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