Booklets promote 'out of control' sexuality to children, Mexican archbishop warns

.- Archbishop Jose Guadalupe Martin Rabago of Leon, Mexico has called on health department officials to review the contents of a booklet on sexual health that was distributed to children and teens. The archbishop asked for a recall of the booklets, saying they encourage out-of-control sexuality through the use of condoms and the morning-after pill.
Speaking to reporters, the archbishop said the booklet promotes hedonism among young people and that parent associations have joined the bishops in expressing their concern.
Archbishop Martin Rabago warned that the contents of the booklet affect all families regardless of their beliefs and that for this reason, federal and state officials need to be more sensitive when handling this issue.
He said the booklets should be reviewed and revised, citing numerous problematic ideas and actions promoted in the booklet.  The decision to promote abortifacient contraceptives “as a form a sexual education is completely inappropriate,” he stated.  “We have pointed out many times now that abortion is in reality murder.  It is elegantly called ‘termination of pregnancy’ but it is (murder),” the archbishop maintained.
Regarding AIDS, Archbishop Martin Rabago noted that in the countries of Africa, the policy of distributing condoms has been changed to promoting abstinence and fidelity, with much better results.
He said there needs to be proof that condoms have made the number of teen pregnancies drop, “and there is no proof.”  “Engaging in sexual activity at too early of an age psychologically distorts the person and prevents him or her from living fidelity in marriage,” he said.  Education in chastity is the more difficult path but it yields greater results, the archbishop said.