Boy’s family name poses admission problem at Catholic school


A Melbourne family is considering moving to another town to find a different school for their son after a run-in with a Catholic school over their last name.


Alex Hell and his wife approached St. Peter the Apostle School about enrolling their five-year-old son Max because the boy was being bullied at his current school due to his last name, reported The Associated Press.


Officials said the boy had been offered a place at the school after discussions between the principal, the parish priest and the family.


The Catholic school supported the idea to enroll Max using his mother's maiden name, Wembridge.


According to the AP, the director of Catholic Education in Victoria state, Stephen Elder, said using the boy's mother's name was the parents' idea to "assist the child in the transition of schools."


The school withdrew the invitation when the parents changed their minds about the name, but reversed its decision and offered Max a place once his father publicized the issue.


"After discussions between the parish priest and principal, St. Peter the Apostle School has made an offer of enrollment to the student," Elder said in a statement. "The school is working with the family in the best interests of the child."


Hell said his last name is Austrian and means "bright."

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