Brazilian presidential candidate: Abortion should be available to women 'in despair'


During a debate on Wednesday, Dilma Roussef, the presidential candidate of the Workers’ Party, said she is “personally” against abortion but that it should be available to women in desperate situations.

When the debate turned to the topic of abortion, Roussef was asked whether or not she would support it if elected.

She explained that in Brazil, abortion is permitted in cases of rape or in order to save the life of the mother. Explaining her belief that the procedure is a question of “public health,” she said it should be available to women, especially the poorest who resort to it “in desperation.” 

“I don't think there is a single woman in favor of abortion. These are situations in which women resort to it in despair,” she added.

“Personally I do not support abortion, but I believe that Brazil has to have a public health policy that allows women and their children to be protected.” In certain circumstances, she must “resort to abortion in order to protect her children from the loss of their mother,” Roussef added.

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