Brazilian bishops denounce deception of false Catholics who promote abortion


The National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (NCBB) has issued a statement clarifying that the self-proclaimed group “Catholics for a Free Choice,” “is not a Catholic organization and does not speak for the Catholic Church.”

The bishops said they have received numerous inquiries about the group and their statements that contradict Catholic teachings and morals.

“This is a feminist entity established in Brazil in 1993 and that acts in conjunction with various partners in Brazil and the world, in particular with its North American counterpart ‘Catholics for a Free Choice.’  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has already issued several statements stressing that the group publicly defends abortion and distorts the Catholic teaching on the respect and protection due to the life of the defenseless unborn.   The group goes against many teachings of the Magisterium of the Church.”

Last January, the newspaper Gazeta do Povo denounced the production company Verbo Filmes for a DVD that was supposed to be pro-life but ended up featuring statements by women from the organization, who took advantage of the opportunity to criticize the Church for defending the unborn.
The DVDs were removed from distribution by order of the NCBB and Catholic leaders demanded the bishops issue a formal pronouncement about the incident.