Brazilian bishops satisfied with Supreme Court decision on abortion

Brazilian bishops satisfied with Supreme Court decision on abortion


The Bishops Conference of Brazil published an official statement expressing satisfaction at the decision of the Supreme Court on October 20 which revoked the legalization of anacephaly abortion.

In the statement signed by Cardinal Geraldo Majella Agnelo, Archbishop of São Salvador da Bahia and President of the Bishops Conference, the bishops state that the decision “reaffirms the principle of full respect for the dignity of the life of human beings, no matter neither their stage of development nor the condition in which they find themselves.”

“That principle, upon which all other rights of the person are founded, is the basis and the condition for a dignified, just and unified society,” they said.

The bishops also expressed their appreciation for “all those who, fulfilling their civic duty, work for the defense of live and for human dignity in the Brazilian justice system.  The Bishops Conference renews its willingness to collaborate with all ethical initiatives dedicated to liberating society from all forms of violence and aggression against life and the dignity of persons, and we invite all Brazilians to embrace without hesitation this noble cause.”

The statement was also signed by Bishop Antonio Celso de Queiros of Catanduva and Vice President of the Bishops Conference, and Auxiliary Bishop of São Paulo and Secretary General of the Conference, Odilo Pedro Scherer.