California resolution denouncing anti-homeschooling ruling introduced


A California legislator has responded to a state superior court decision ruling that non-credentialed parents may not home school their children by introducing a bill asking the California Supreme Court to overturn the decision, the California Catholic Daily reports.

However, it is important to note that the resolution will not change the standing law.

On February 28, the California Second District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles ruled that enrollment and attendance in a public full-time day school is required by law unless the child is enrolled in and attends a private full-time day school, is tutored by someone holding a state teaching credential, or meets one of a few statutory exemptions.

Homeschooling families and advocates across the country have protested the appellate court’s decision.

On Friday Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called the court decision “outrageous” and one that “must be overturned at all costs.” 

“And if the courts don’t protect parents’ rights,” said Schwarzenegger, “then, as elected officials, we will.”

On Monday, Assemblyman Joel Anderson, a Republican from El Cajon, sought to counteract the earlier ruling by introducing Resolution 115. His proposal expresses support for home schooling and a desire that the Supreme Court overturn the appellate court’s ruling.  The resolution says the ruling is based on a “misguided interpretation” of the state education code.

The resolution was drafted in consultation with the Private and Home Educators of California and the Virginia-based Home School Legal Defense Organization.  Both organizations insisted the resolution will not change any California laws, saying that introducing binding legislation at present would be “premature and counterproductive.”

Both organizations have urged Californians to encourage their legislators to pass the resolution.

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