Calls for investigation after botched abortion at clinic in Madrid leaves woman dead


The spokesman for the organization Spanish Alternative (Alternativa Espanola), Francisco Torres Garcia, denounced Madrid city officials for continuing to allow the family planning clinic El Bosque to perform abortions despite a botched abortion that resulted in the death of the mother.

Torres recalled that “in 2005, a 19 year-old woman who was a patient at the clinic died, and her case is currently the subject of a lawsuit. In December of 2008, Intereconomia TV, in an investigative report, showed clear signs that illegal abortions and financial fraud were taking place at the clinic. Numerous women have testified about the activities of the clinic … and in January of 2009, a young woman who had to be urgently transferred from the clinic died at the Clinical Hospital of Madrid.”

Torres said the organization is demanding city officials investigate the incident, shut down operations at the clinic and put an immediate end to agreements signed with such abortion clinics that profit from the culture of death and take advantage of legal loopholes.

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