Cancer tests for Cardinal George come up negative

Cancer tests for Cardinal George come up negative

Cancer tests for Cardinal George come up negative

.- Cardinal Francis George’s pathology results indicate that there is no evidence of any cancer remaining in his body, announced his personal physician, Dr. Myles Sheehan.

Dr. Sheehan, who is also a Jesuit priest, shared the news with journalists yesterday at the Loyola University Medical Center, where the 69-year-old cardinal was operated upon and is convalescing.

Tests indicate that the tumor was, “contained within the bladder and ureters without evidence of extension or metastases,” said Dr. Sheehan. The cardinal does not currently require radiation or chemotherapy, but he will be monitored for recurrence.

“We do not know absolutely if the cardinal is cured nor can we say definitively that he is cancer-free. What we can say is that the cardinal is a cancer survivor with a good prognosis and that there is no evidence for any cancer remaining in his body,” he added.

A small focus of prostate cancer was found localized within the prostate, but the prostate was removed as part of a radical cystectomy, the doctor explained. The finding is not expected to have any impact on the cardinal's recovery or prognosis.

Cardinal George resumed eating yesterday; he has been up and has used a walker. He was expected to be moved from the Intensive Care Unit to a room on one of the surgical inpatient units.

The cardinal will be convalescing until Labor Day, after which he will resume a light work schedule. “Once his recovery is complete, [he will] be fully able to resume his duties as Archbishop of Chicago,” Dr. Sheehan confirmed.

Over the last few days, however, the cardinal has been reviewing some archdiocesan matters with the vicar general, Fr. John Canary.

Dr. Sheehan thanked the hospital staff, in particular pathologist Dr. Eva Wojcik and the nursing staff, for their good care and service. 

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