Cardinal hopeful for understanding between archdiocese and university in Peru


Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani of Lima, Peru said he is hopeful that the archdiocese and city's pontifical university can resolve their ongoing dispute.

Earlier this year, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal Peter Erdo as apostolic visitor to facilitate a resolution to the conflict. Following a Dec. 7 meeting with Cardinal Erdo, Cardinal Cipriani told reporters, “we are very thankful that the Holy Father has given us this sign of cordiality and closeness in order to help us resolve this situation.”

In September the university rejected a request by the Vatican to bring its statutes in line with the apostolic exhortation “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” or risk losing its status as a Catholic and pontifical institution.
After his meeting with Cardinal Erdo, Cardinal Cipriani said, “we are praying that we can reach an understanding.”  The arrival of Cardinal Erdo has been a cause “for great joy” and has created “a positive atmosphere,” he said.
While he would not reveal any details about the talks, Cardinal Cipriani said Cardinal Erdo “is doing a wonderful job with much thoughtfulness.” 
He expressed his hope that the university would experience a renewal in what it means to be “a pontifical and Catholic university at the service of the Church.”

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