Cardinal calls on Colombian politicians to have “ecclesial coherence”

.- As the Supreme Court of Colombia readies to issue a ruling on the legalization of abortion, the Prefect of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, a native of Colombia, has called on the country’s legislators to be coherent in their political decisions.

“The Church has a teaching and a doctrine and Catholics must adhere to it.  The Catholic politician and legislator must be aware of this and must act accordingly,” the cardinal said during an interview on Colombian radio, in reference to the proposed law that would legalize abortion in cases of rape and life of the mother.  The law was put forth two months ago by a group of lawmakers who also support the legalization of homosexual unions.

Cardinal Trujillo—who said during the Synod of Bishops that Catholics who defend policies that are against life, especially Catholics who are in public service, have no right to receive Communion—explained that the teaching of the Catholic Church on abortion and on same-sex unions has remained unchanged and that Catholic politicians must have what he called “ecclesial coherence.”

During the radio interview, Cardinal Trujillo emphasized that he was not saying such individuals should resign from office, but rather that “they cannot have access to Communion, they should re-think things and start a new process, and that the Church is accompanying them as they reflect and continue down a better road.”

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