Cardinal Garcia-Gasco warns of ‘information gap’ between rich and poor


The Apostolic Administrator of Valencia in Spain, Cardinal Agustin Garcia-Gasco, called for solidarity last week in the use of the media saying, “We cannot accentuate the breach between the people who are ‘rich’ in information and the people who are ‘poor’ in information.”


In his weekly pastoral letter, the cardinal noted that this divide has been created “by media and distribution structures and policies that lack concern for the true universal and local common good.” He claimed that “to deny or make access to information technology difficult accentuates injustice and inequality.”


The misuse of the media was also raised by the cardinal, who cited “trash TV” and “the search for the morbid” as examples. However, these excesses should not lead people to have a negative outlook about the important “social, political and cultural role the media can always play,” he said.


Evangelization is also communication, Cardinal Garcia-Gasco explained, saying that “the spread of the truth about human life, the search for God and human transcendence are facts that cannot be silenced by the media.”


“The metaphor that each word is a seed enlightens us about the fruits we wish to cultivate in the world.  The seed of Christian love has not ceased bearing fruit for 2,000 years and it falls to each one of us to turn our hearts into fertile ground where it can grow,” the cardinal said.

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