Cardinal Newman Society touring universities with Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit

Cardinal Newman Society touring universities with Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit


The Cardinal Newman Society has launched a tour of the Vatican’s Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit which includes a stop at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Minnesota at Morris, the academic home of a biology professor who displayed his desecration of a Host on his web site.

According to a letter from Father Benedict Groeschel published in the Cardinal Newman Society newsletter, the exhibition at the University of Minnesota at Morris (UMM) was accompanied by an evening of Eucharistic Adoration, Bible study, a Communion service, and Sunday Mass.

“Even curious members of the Lutheran Campus Ministry came to the Exhibit, a Catholic witness to our Protestant brethren!” Father Groeschel wrote.

Earlier this year, UMM biology professor and science blogger Paul Zachary Myers claimed to have acquired a consecrated Host from a Catholic Mass and posted pictures showing its desecration. He also made many atheistic and Catholic-baiting remarks.

Father Groeschel summarized the action, saying:

“This avowedly atheist college professor took the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and, in an act of intense hatred, pierced it and discarded it with the trash, then publicly announced his crime.”

While many groups protested the professor’s action, he added, “Only one group did something about it - The Cardinal Newman Society.”

“This is what impresses me: The Cardinal Newman Society responded to a hateful radical on campus rapidly and effectively, by teaching the full truth about the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, whose Passion He suffered even for the sake of those who would pierce Him with rusty nails,” Father Groeschel continued.

Later this month, Father Groeschel reports, the Cardinal Newman Society will bring the Vatican’s Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit to the University of Notre Dame, with a week of Adoration and prayer scheduled to accompany the exhibition.

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