Cardinal Rivera denounces attempts to justify killing of the innocent

.- During the celebration of Charity Day, the Archbishop of Mexico, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, denounced the existence of a campaign “that seeks to justify the killing of the innocent” in the womb, as well as the elderly and handicapped children through euthanasia.

During his homily at the archdiocesan cathedral, the cardinal explained that just as pollution gives off a foul odor, so also in today’s society there are realities that “stink,” such as “growing violence, institutionalized deception, unacknowledged poverty, the using of women” and campaigns in favor of euthanasia and abortion that only result in the death of the innocent.

The archbishop pointed out that although man’s highest aspiration is to live, death and pain continue to be present throughout his existence, despite the advances in medicine.

He noted, however, that the Lord promises life, and therefore the account of the resurrection of Lazarus, whose death represents “humanity dead because of sin,” is only “a symbol and a proclamation of the true resurrection of Christ, which we will celebrate during Holy Week.”

Cardinal Rivera warned that what happens on a personal level “can also take place on a social level,” because “our society is a living organism” called by God “to live and to give life,” but it can become sick and die when the Lord is not made present by it’s members.

He added that Christians are called to support “projects that give life,” as well as authorities that work for the authentic development of their communities.  The season of Lent that we are living culminates in the resurrection, “celebrating life,” the cardinal noted.

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