Cardinal Rivera tells politicians to worry about the country’s problems instead of reelection


The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, called on politicians this week to set aside their “fears about losing votes” and to instead begin facing “the serious problems afflicting the country.”

The Cardinal lamented that political leaders hesitate to carry out the serious reforms the country needs.  “All we’ve had so far is just fireworks.  I hope we can learn to genuinely see what Mexico really needs, the profound transformations that are necessary,” he said. 

He also stated that “often out of fear of losing votes, they don’t want to face the serious problems of our people, and so we fall behind other countries in education, justice, and technology because we dare not carry out serious reform.”

According to the Cardinal, in the last few years the country “has grown and has enjoyed surprising economic stability,” but “as long as reforms are not implemented, that wealth does not get spread around, and therefore injustices will continue to exist.  That’s why they are necessary.”

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