Cardinal Rivera warns that political confrontation could provoke more violence


The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, warned this week that if the current political confrontations are not put to an end, the country should expect more violent acts to take place, as occurred in recent days when the President’s motorcade was attacked and the Congressional building was occupied.

“We run the risk that Mexico will suffer because all of this confrontation prevents the country from moving forward.  Many who might have invested in Mexico look elsewhere and even tourism declines,” he told reporters after celebrating Mass at the Archdiocesan Cathedral.

He also emphasized that everyone has freedom of expression and assembly but that property and institutions should not be harmed.

“What cannot happen is for people to show disrespect for our institutions, because the country is then at risk.  Today the Judicial Branch is discredited, tomorrow the Congress building is occupied, and the next day the President’s motorcade is attacked.  Mexico cannot continue like this because it just leads to more violence,” he stated.

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